Agapé is the Official Organ of U.S. Grand Lodge O.T.O., published annually. It is distributed as a benefit of membership to all U.S. O.T.O. members. In addition, electronic copies (in PDF format) of the current issue and all back issues are available here.


Agapé welcomes contributions from O.T.O. initiates who are members in good standing of a local body. Submissions may be in the form of local body reports, governing body reports, essays, reviews, fiction, poetry, opinion, ritual, and photography or other arts. Submissions should generally engage subjects of interest to Thelemites, and in particular directly relate to O.T.O. initiates doing work in local bodies. 

Agapé will only accept digital files, containing your text, submitted via email to Most formats are accepted - we will contact you if there is a problem reading your file.

Photography or other art should be in .tif or .jpg format. While we accept color, we may ask for them to be converted to grayscale. 

Submissions of prose should generally be at least 200 words in length, and no more than 750.

All submissions must be spell-checked prior to submission. In some cases (such as poetic, exegetic, or ritual work), misspellings may be assumed by the Editor to be intentional.

Submissions should conform to the U.S.G.L. Style Guide.

Submissions must include some indication of how you would like to be credited for your work. (e.g., "by Brother Jack Handy" or "by Soror A.U.M.")

Please carefully observe the deadlines. Submissions must be sent to the Editor before the deadline shown to be considered for the corresponding issue:

The Editor reserves the right to edit as required: authors will be contacted if major changes are necessary.

Essays and reviews should be written in a "scholarly" manner. That is to say, all quotes should be referenced, and endnotes included when appropriate. Personal opinion should be properly justified with argument. Subjectively observed material should be treated with the same kind of integrity with which a scientist treats data from experiments.

Publishing the civil name of any O.T.O. member in Agapé requires their prior permission. If you include the civil name of an O.T.O. member in your submission, and that name has not appeared in Agapé previously, you must provide evidence of permission.

Political opinion must not include statements that could reasonably be interpreted as campaign activity on behalf of, or against, any candidate for public office.

O.T.O. has no policy forbidding study or discussion of the Book of the Law. However, O.T.O. does take the official position that every man and woman has the sacred right to interpret Liber AL for him or herself with the Master Therion's various writings as guide and reference. Therefore, Agapé shall not publish such alternative commentaries, including articles that are primarily intended to serve either as comprehensive alternative commentaries on Liber AL, or as attempts to promulgate novel interpretations of, or "solutions" to, various verses of Liber AL. Articles that are clearly not intended to supersede the Master Therion's writings, even if they include incidental expressions of personal opinion regarding Liber AL, may be accepted. Appropriate disclaimers are recommended to clarify intent.