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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

From Liber 194:  

In order that the feelings of the general body may be represented, the Men of Earth choose four persons, two men and two women, from among themselves, to stand continually before the face of the Father, the Supreme and Holy King, serving him day and night. These persons must not be of higher rank than the Second Degree; they must volunteer for this service at the conclusion of that ceremony; and therefore they give up their own prospect of advancement in the Order for one year, that they may serve their fellows. This is then the first lesson in our great principle, the attainment of honour through renunciation. 


From U.S.G.L.:

“Delegates should be members who are active, constructive participants in the activities of their local body.  They should, ideally, be members in good standing at their local body—i.e., they pay their local dues or participate in whatever local funding program their local body has established.   They should have reasonably good social skills. If they're going to be representing the general Men of Earth body, they need to be comfortable talking frankly and tactfully to people about their issues, opinions, problems, ideas, and hopes; and people need to be comfortable talking to THEM about these things.  The ability to travel to and personally assist the Grand Master once or twice during their year of service is a plus but not expected. To this end, an online group specifically for the purpose of implementing this portion of the Men of Earth Delegates provision of Liber 194 has been established.  Delegates should have the ability to complete various assigned tasks as needed and appropriate during the course of their term of service.” 

– National Grand Master Sabazius X°

Minimum Requirements

Additional Desirable Qualities and Skills

The term of office for each Man of Earth Delegate shall be 365 days commencing with notification of acceptance from the National Grand Master General to the Nominating Panel. The NGMG shall have the power to remove any Delegate from office at any time, with or without cause. The Delegate shall be ineligible for advancement to III° for the entire term of his or her office, regardless of whether that term is completed.

Volunteer applications for the position of Man of Earth Delegate should be submitted through the link below.  Applicants will be interviewed by Panelists, who will vote on the nomination. The Nominating Panel will contact applicants using the contact information listed on this form only.

Our Policy

There shall be no consideration of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation when considering the fitness of candidates for admission, advancement, or appointment to office within Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A.

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