Man of Earth Delegates

Liber CXCIV: An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order states, "In order that the feelings of the general body may be represented, the Men of Earth choose four persons, two men and two women, from among themselves, to stand continually before the face of the Supreme and Holy King, serving him day and night."  The Man of Earth (MOE) Delegates are therefore pledged to give representation to the general feelings of the Man of Earth Triad. 

The Man of Earth Delegates are:                


Sister Lisa - Sword and Serpent Oasis

Brother Ron - Tahuti Lodge

Brother Donngal - Sapphire Current Camp

Sister Alice - Dove & Serpent Oasis

Contact the Delegates collectively at

If you are in the Man of Earth Triad (Minerval through Perfect Initiate), any issues, comments, concerns, or suggestions you have that are not subject to resolution by a local officer or through a chapter mediation may be addressed to the MOE Delegates who will bring these issues to the attention of the Supreme and Holy King Sabazius.  If you are uncertain about the best course of action for issues in relation to conflict resolution, please contact the Ombuds-Female or Ombuds-Male at or You may also contact them collectively at

Do you want to apply to be a Man of Earth Delegate?

The Delegate Nominating Panel (DNP) will be voting on nominations for two Delegate positions, one man and one woman, every six months with an application deadline of June 1st and December 1st of each year. Application deadline of June 1st and December 1st of each year. To apply, download the application at the bottom of this page and email it with two letters of reference. There are no forms for referral purposes. They are to be submitted as letters of recommendation. They can be sent along with the application or separately to this email address: Deadlines each year are June 1st and Dec 1st, however, you can submit your application at any time.

Completed applications should be presented to the Nominating Panel prior to the deadline for review and processing. 

Do you want to be a Man of Earth Delegate Nominating Panel Representative?

Volunteer with your local leadership. Each active Camp, Oasis and Lodge within USGL is entitled to one Representative on the Nomination Panel and encouraged to provide one. Representatives, for their entire term, must be initiate members in good standing of the local body they represent. They must be of at least First Degree, but not of a degree higher than P.I. Local bodies may select their Representatives by any means they choose, as long as those participating in the selection process are initiate members in good standing of the local body and are not of a degree higher than P.I. Local bodies shall be responsible for filling vacancies in their Representative offices according to their own schedule. 

Note: Communication is being sent to all local bodies within the United States asking each to provide a Panelist to sit on the USGL Man of Earth Delegate Nominating Panel (DNP), to participate in the selection of the four Man of Earth Delegates. These Panelists not only help select the four Delegates, but also act as contact points at each local body for this important Program. For more information, please contact the DNP Chair, Br. Warren, at

The Delegate Program would like to thank our retired Delegates Brother Vinny and Sister Susan for their service this past year as well as all of the past MOE Delegates!

Man Of Earth Delegate Application