The Chapters of Rose Croix serve a variety of functions in O.T.O., notably including offering mediation to help resolve disputes between members. For each Chapter, we give contact information, the region in which it is located, and the local bodies for which it provides mediation. Note that some regions are served by multiple Chapters.

Alpha Chapter

P.O. Box 32074Oakland CA 94612


  • 418 (Sacramento CA)

  • Blazing Star (Berkeley CA)

  • Sirius (Oakland CA)

Anahata Chapter

28412 26th Avenue SouthFederal Way, WA

Pacific Northwest

  • Horizon (Seattle WA)

  • Vortex (Bremerton WA)

Asherah Chapter

P.O. Box 100503Denver, Colorado

Rocky Mountain

  • Crux Ansata (Denver CO)

  • Horus (Salt Lake City UT)

  • NOX (Ogden UT)

  • Song of Freedom (Albuquerque NM)

Baphomet Chapter

P.O. Box 338
Keller, TX 76244

South Central

  • 718 (San Antonio TX)

  • Bubastis (Dallas TX)

  • Company of Stars (Houston TX)

  • Scarlet Woman (Austin TX)

  • Sekhet-Bast-Ra (Oklahoma City OK)

Dionysos Chapter

PO Box 2313Maple Grove, MN

North Central

  • Leaping Laughter (Minneapolis MN)

  • Roar of Rapture (Omaha NE)


  • Alombrados (New Orleans LA)

  • Dove & Serpent (Atlanta GA)

  • Hidden Spring (Orlando FL)

  • Gnarled Oak (Nashville TN)

  • Sapphire Current (Memphis TN)

  • Serpent and Lion (Brooksville FL)

  • Star of Babalon (Raleigh NC)

Infinite Stars Chapter

1627 North 2nd Street, ste 220Philadelphia PA


  • Azul Nox (New Cumberland PA)

  • Thelesis (Philadelphia PA)

  • William Blake (Baltimore MD)

Great Lakes

  • Black Sun (Lakewood OH)

  • Blue Equinox (Royal Oak MI)

  • Golden Thread (Pittsburgh PA)

  • Pyramid (Buffalo NY)

Ouarda Chapter

Secretary: of Four:

Great Lakes

  • Anabasis (Indianapolis IN)

  • Chalice of Heaven (Chicago IL)

  • Circle of Stars (Lafayette IN)

  • Serpent Flame (Hartford MI)

  • Sword & Serpent (Dayton OH)


  • ARARITA (San Diego CA)

  • Golden Lotus (Long Beach CA)

  • Heru-Ra-Ha (Newport Beach CA)

  • Khonsu (Las Vegas NV)

  • Lapis Lazuli (Phoenix AZ)

  • Star Sapphire (La Crescenta CA)

Pacific Northwest

  • Coph Nia (Eugene OR)

  • Kephra Rising (Boise ID)

  • Sekhet-Maat (Portland OR)


Tahuti Chapter

PO Box 4236Sunnyside, NY 11104


  • Abrahadabra (Portland ME)

  • Knights Templar (Salem MA)

  • Mithras (Chaplin CT)

  • Tahuti (New York City NY)