Groups Policy 2.0

USGL Online Groups Policy

Updated April 2022 EV

By October 1, 2022 EV, all email discussion groups which are directly operated or sponsored by U.S. Grand Lodge offices, governing bodies, local bodies, and rose croix chapters must be hosted on Google Groups within the U.S.G.L. Google Workspace.

Man of Earth local bodies

As of July 2020 EV, the Electoral College required all Man of Earth local bodies to switch to the use of the Google Groups provided through the Virtual Valley program, and asked all local bodies to have moved into these by July 2021 EV, with a final onboarding deadline of October 15, 2021 EV.

Each Virtual Valley includes the following groups:

  • Public announcement list

  • Private discussion group

  • Local leadership group

  • Regional leadership group (shared by bodies in a region)

The Electoral College will check compliance with this policy through the annual report process. Failure to move into the Virtual Valley workspace may result in the College suspending or revoking the local body’s charter.

Chapters of Rose Croix

As of June 2021 EV, the Supreme Grand Council has authorized the use of Virtual Chapters in the U.S.G.L. workspace.

Each Virtual Chapter includes the following groups:

  • Private member discussion group

  • Chapter leadership discussion group

  • Committee of Four discussion group

  • Membership committee group

  • Regional leadership group (same one as included with Virtual Valley)

Additional Groups

Beyond the groups specified as being included in the Virtual Valley and Virtual Chapter programs, additional groups can be created by request. Any U.S.G.L. officer, rose croix chapter, or local body officer may make such a request, as may bishops and committee chairs.

The Technology Management Committee maintains control over group creation for three reasons:

  1. To verify that requested groups are not redundant with existing ones.

  2. To have an opportunity to provide advice on good group structuring and management.

  3. To ensure that groups are configured properly for privacy.

Contact information

If you have questions, or would like to request a group, contact the Technology Management Committee ( for assistance.

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