COVID-19 information

August 2, 2022

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In our continued effort to monitor the ever-evolving COVID climate, and decrease the involvement of Grand Lodge HQ in local COVID management, we have made the following changes to our COVID policies.

  1. New! We are utilizing the CDC county community level labels “low,” “medium,” and “high” for COVID as they are less confusing than the colors.

  2. New! We are establishing three types of events: Fully-Vaccinated Persons Event (FVP); Fully-Screened Event (FVE); and Open Event (Open). Two of these include options for involving unvaccinated persons at events. (See “Event Types” below for more information).

Before planning an event, please check the COVID levels for your community at the CDC website.

If your county status is:

  • LOW: Business as usual. No protocols or dispensation needed.

  • MEDIUM: FVP only events are allowed and do not require dispensation. Fully Screened Events and Open events require dispensation. (see below)

  • HIGH: All event types require, at minimum, masks and distancing. Fully Screened Events and Open events require dispensation. (see below)

A list of S.G.I.G. assignments for local COVID management can be found here.

Event Types:

All events must conform to the minimum safety precautions for the COVID status of their county (low/medium/high) People with symptoms should stay home.

Fully-Vaccinated Persons Event (FVP).

All attendees have been confirmed by the Master or a designated officer to be fully vaccinated according to the definition provided by the CDC. All available boosters are strongly recommended.

Fully-Screened Event (FSE).

At the discretion of the Master and the S.G.I.G. assigned to local COVID management, all attendees are either fully vaccinated (see above) or have shown a negative COVID test within 3 days of the event, but as close to the event as possible. Testing on the day of the event is strongly recommended and may be required to be done in-person/on site at the request of the S.G.I.G or Master. Fully Screened Events must be advertised as such so that attendees will understand that unvaccinated people may attend.

Open Event (Open).

An Open event does not involve verification of vaccination status or use of COVID testing. This type of event will require a proposal for additional safeguards (e.g. masking, air circulation) which must be approved by the S.G.I.G. assigned to local COVID management.

Love is the law, love under will.

U.S.G.L. COVID Response Team


Outdoor Events - simple outdoor events in counties where risk is low per the CDC site and adhering to the policy restrictions do not require proposal submission or dispensation. Check your county status, local restrictions and the Outdoor Events Policy linked above.

Protocol documents available from the S.G.I.G. assigned to your local body:

Indoor Socials / Classes

Indoor Liber XV

Indoor Minerval

Indoor First Degree

Indoor Second Degree

Indoor Third Degree

Indoor IV through K.R.E. (distribution to S.G.I.G. and Chapter leaders only)

Outdoor Minerval

Outdoor Liber XV

Events for Fully Vaccinated Persons (FVPs)

Notice: Submission of falsified vaccination information may result in suspension or expulsion according to COLMH Section VIII.B.1.f.

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