COVID-19 information

May 5, 2022

Updates to U.S.G.L. COVID guidance:

  • Persons who test positive for COVID but have no symptoms may attend an event that starts 10 or more days after the positive test

  • Persons who test positive for COVID and have symptoms may attend an event starts 10 or more days after the first date of symptoms

  • Persons currently experiencing COVID symptoms - including fever- should stay home. A full list of COVID symptoms can be found here

  • If you know you have been exposed to COVID within 10 days of an event, take a COVID test. If you test negative and have no symptoms, you may attend but must wear a mask


We continue to operate based on county status per the CDC map, available here: COVID-19 by County | CDC.

What do the colors mean for local bodies?

Before hosting an event, the local master (or chapter leadership, where appropriate) will look at the color of the county where the event is taking place AND the county or counties where the participants live. If there are multiple colors involved, use the most restrictive color.

What else do we need to know?

  • This U.S.G.L. policy is NOT optional.

  • Local bodies must adhere to any more restrictive state or local laws.

  • Local bodies may require additional measures (such as masks, distancing, etc.) based on the needs of local members and circumstances peculiar to their local body.

  • Local leadership is encouraged to consider what is in the best interest of the local membership when shifting into this new system.

  • The Outdoor Events Policy and Indoor Public Space Events Policy pages have been updated to reflect our new standards.

What if we have unvaccinated minors/medical exemptions for otherwise FVP events?

Arrangements for children age 5 and under (no vaccine currently available) or persons with verified medical exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine are able to attend FVP events with advanced arrangement.

Attendees should request arrangements in advance, allowing enough time for Masters to make a decision regarding additional precautions (masks, distancing) and to communicate those precautions to attendees so that they can make informed decisions.

For a full explanation of requirements for Fully Vaccinated Events and exemptions see the full FVP Protocol document, available by request at

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Outdoor Events - simple outdoor events in counties where risk is low per the Global Epidemics site and adhering to the policy restrictions do not require proposal submission or dispensation. Check your county status, local restrictions and the Outdoor Events Policy linked above.

Protocol documents available from

Indoor Socials / Classes

Indoor Liber XV

Indoor Minerval

Indoor First Degree

Indoor Second Degree

Indoor Third Degree

Indoor IV through K.R.E. (distribution to S.G.I.G. and Chapter leaders only)

Outdoor Minerval

Outdoor Liber XV

Events for Fully Vaccinated Persons (FVPs)

Notice: Submission of falsified vaccination information may result in suspension or expulsion according to COLMH Section VIII.B.1.f.

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