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Updated January 13, 2021

The new policy documents for Indoor Minerval and Indoor E.G.C. events are now available by request to

January 3, 2021

Happy Vulgar New Year!

As we continue to navigate through the winter months and increased COVID numbers, and wait patiently to get vaccinated and see what impact that will have on our ability to meet, here is a quick overview the process for seeking dispensation to hold in person events. While events cannot be approved until local county status improves from red to green/yellow/orange, the COVID response team is happy to preemptively discuss your proposals in preparation for healthier times.

*Check your county's status here: Global Pandemics


Outdoor Events - simple outdoor events in counties where risk is low per the Global Pandemics site and adhering to the policy restrictions do not require proposal submission or dispensation. Check your county status and local restrictions.

Protocol documents available from

Outdoor Minerval

Outdoor Liber XV

Indoor Socials / Classes

Indoor Minerval (COMING SOON!)

Indoor Liber XV (COMING SOON!)

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