Government Contacts

This page provides contact information and brief descriptions for many of the officers, governing bodies, and committees making up the government of United States Grand Lodge, Ordo Templi Orientis. Linked names lead to relevant administrative websites.

Grand Master General

Fr. Sabazius

The Grand Master General is the leader of O.T.O. in the United States. His website, The Invisible Basilica of Sabazius, offers numerous essays, notes, rituals, and other material useful to students of O.T.O. and E.G.C.

The Executive Council

The Executive Council (or simply, The Executive) is the Board of Directors of Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. and serves as the principal executive and administrative authority of U.S. Grand Lodge. It is responsible for the overall governance of Grand Lodge, including policy development and implementation, appointment of subordinate officers and committees, execution of corporate affairs, and enforcement of O.T.O. regulations in general. Correspondence for the Executive should be addressed to the Grand Secretary General.

Grand Secretary General

Fr. Hunahpu
Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. PO Box 2313 Maple Grove, MN 55311

The Grand Secretary General handles records, communication, and coordination between members and bodies of U.S. Grand Lodge.

Grand Treasurer General

Hank Hadeed
Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. 4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #444 Portland, OR 97214-5246

The Grand Treasurer General collects dues payments, maintains member status information, and deals with all financial aspects of running U.S. Grand Lodge. Inquiries by current members of O.T.O. about their own status may be directed to this office.

Grand Tribunal

Frater Omnia Mors Aequat, Secretary
Frater Omnia Mors AequatPOB 140025Lakewood, CO 80214-9998

The Grand Tribunal is the principal judicial body of O.T.O. It is responsible for composing disputes between members, as well as enforcement of O.T.O. regulations pertaining to member interactions. O.T.O. members involved in serious disputes which cannot be resolved by informal means may request Grand Tribunal investigation and arbitration. Note that members are forbidden from initiating civil legal proceedings against one another without prior permission from the Grand Tribunal.

Electoral College

Soror Gimel, Secretary
Secretary U.S. Electoral College O.T.O. P.O. Box 3161Independence, MO64055-3161

The Electoral College is responsible for issuing local body charters, appointing body masters, and approving all invitations to the Vth Degree.

Initiation Secretary

OTO Initiation SecretaryPO Box 7290Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Initiation Secretary handles reports of initiations, and requests for information about members' initiate status. Only initiators and local body masters should typically contact this office. Initiation reports should be submitted by postal mail, not email.

E.G.C. Secretary

Fr. FreeShadow

The Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica (E.G.C.) Secretary keeps records of E.G.C. baptisms, confirmations, and ordinations, and provides assistance regarding various matters pertaining to E.G.C. activities.

Internet Secretary

Catherine Berry

The Internet Secretary coordinates the many U.S.G.L. websites and handles other Internet-related issues affecting U.S. Grand Lodge. Requests for U.S. local bodies to be listed on the public website should be sent to; all other site-related requests and queries should be sent directly to the Internet Secretary. Also, general email to Grand Lodge may be directed through this address; it will be forwarded to the appropriate office.


Frater Mesniu

The Quartermaster supplies equipment and paperwork required for O.T.O. initiations. Only chartered initiators and local body masters may obtain these supplies.

Public Information Officer

Frater Lux Ad Mundi 552-8721

The Public Information Officer (PIO) coordinates inquiries and requests from representatives of the media and other institutions who are interested in obtaining more information about O.T.O. The PIO also fields information requests from the membership and the general public, and is available to assist local body officers with handling information requests.

Prison Ministry

Frater V.L.T.
O.T.O. Prison Ministry c/o Frater V.L.T. P.O. Box 941 Woodland, WA 98674

The Prison Ministry program assists prison inmates who wish to study or practice Thelema by providing educational materials and guidance to inmates, their families, and prison officials. Its underlying purpose is to represent Thelema to prison officials and others as a valid and positive form of religious expression, and also to help prevent misconceptions about Thelema from propagating among prisoners and prison officials.

Volunteer Coordinator

Fr. do
Volunteer Coordinator, O.T.O. 1420 Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 200 box 159 Cedar Park, TX 78613

The mission of the Volunteer Coordinator is twofold: to find suitable jobs for volunteers to perform, and to find suitable volunteers to perform necessary jobs. To this end, the Volunteer Coordinator solicits and accepts applications from members in good standing who wish to volunteer to serve Grand Lodge, while managing job requests from Grand Lodge officers and Governing Bodies.


Harper Feist (F) David Melton (M)
206-306-6487 (M)

The office of the U.S. Grand Lodge Ombuds serves as an official liaison between the general membership of O.T.O. within the United States and the various governing and administrative bodies of U.S. Grand Lodge. This office facilitates communication between members, officers, and governing and administrative bodies, assisting with resolution of problems and grievances.

There are two officers in this office, one male and one female. Any member is welcome to contact either or both of these officers as they see fit. Email sent to will be forwarded to both officers.

The Education Committee provides standards, guidelines, and materials for local body classes. Local bodies are encouraged to contribute materials to the committee, which may then be incorporated into a pool of shared educational resources available to all local bodies. Similarly, local bodies offering classes on a given topic are encouraged to consult with the committee to obtain both guidance and materials.


Frater S.V.A.T.I.
USGL Librarian c/o Star Sapphire Lodge 3212 1/2 Honolulu Ave La Crescenta, CA 91214

The Librarian is responsible for management and conservation of the physical library of U.S. Grand Lodge.

Document Control Officer

Sherri McLaughlin

The Document Control Officer provides U.S.G.L. and local body officers with up-to-date versions of the the documents required for various types of reporting, requests, and information. See the document versions list for information about current versions of important documents.


Soror Helena
c/o Ordo Templi Orientis U.S.A. P.O. Box 32 Riverside, CA 92502

The Parliamentarian is the primary resource for questions regarding the operational rules of and interactions between administrative, governing and initiate bodies. The Parliamentarian assists U.S. Grand Lodge officers, governing bodies, committees, and local bodies with procedural issues related to governance.

Strategic Planning Secretary

Melissa Holm

The Strategic Planning Secretary acts as a consultant and facilitator to the governing bodies and leaders of U.S.G.L. in the formulation of strategic plans in their areas of focus, ensuring that these plans are in alignment with U.S.G.L. stated goals and priorities, and tracking incremental project progress toward the fulfillment of these goals.

The Historian gathers and archives information on local bodies, committees and initiatives within U.S.G.L. If you have unarchived documents or ephemera pertinent to the formation or development of U.S.G.L., please contact the Historian .

Local Body Publication Secretary

Fr. Robin

The Local Body Publication Secretary collects and local body publications for archival. Local bodies should send a copy (electronic preferred) of each issue of the local body's publication (newsletter) to the Local Body Publication Secretary.