Local COVID Managers

July 1, 2022

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

As we are into our third year of the pandemic and COVID management is becoming a more familiar and consistent part of our lives, we are making a shift in how U.S.G.L. manages the mitigation of risk at the local event level.

Effective immediately questions about local event requirements and local event proposals (when required) will be directed to the assigned S.G.I.G. (see list below). We are assigning them in this way in order to preserve the integrity of communication between U.S.G.L. and local masters by limiting the number of people involved in local decision making.

We recommend that local masters connect with their assigned S.G.I.G. to establish lines of communication with regard to COVID management.

The U.S.G.L. COVID Response team will continue to monitor national COVID trends and adjustment policies as needed as well as set standards for in-person U.S.G.L. events.

S.G.I.G. Assignments for local COVID management:

Doug B

Horizon Lodge, Seattle WA

Horus Camp, SLC, UT

NOX Oasis, Ogden, UT

Vortex Oasis, Tacoma, WA

Kim K

Coph Nia Lodge, Eugene, OR

Khephra Rising, Boise, ID

Sekhet Maat Oasis, Portland, OR

Rob C

ARARITA Oasis, San Diego, CA

Golden Lotus Lodge, Garden Grove, CA

Lapis Lazuli Oasis, Phoenix, AZ

Song of Freedom Oasis, Albuquerque, NM

Cathy B

418 Lodge, Sacramento, CA

Blazing Star Oasis, Oakland, CA

Khonsu Camp, Las Vegas, NV

Sirius Encampment, Oakland, CA

Star Sapphire Lodge, LA, CA


718 Encampment, San Antonio, TX

Bubastis Oasis, Dallas, TX

Company of Stars Encampment, Houston, TX

Scarlet Woman Lodge, Austin, TX


Crux Ansata Oasis, Denver, CO

Lisa C

Leaping Laughter Lodge, Minneapolis, MN

Roar of Rapture, Omaha, NB

Sekhet Bast Ra, Oklahoma City, OK

Kerry K

Blue Equinox, Detroit, MI

Chalice of Heaven, Chicago, IL

Serpent Flame Encampment, Hartford, MI

David M

Anabasis, Indianapolis, IN

Black Sun, Cleveland, OH

Circle of Stars, Lafayette, IN

Sword and Serpent, Dayton, OH

James S

Abrahadabra Oasis, Portland, ME

Knights Templar Oasis, Salem, MA

Mithras Oasis, Windham, CT

Pyramid Lodge, Buffalo, NY

Tahuti Lodge, New York, NY


Azul Nox, Hanover, PA

Golden Thread, Pittsburgh, PA

Thelesis Oasis, Philadelphia, PA

William Blake Lodge, Baltimore, MD

Nancy W

Hidden Spring Oasis, Orlando, FL

Serpent and Lion, Tampa, FL

John N

Alombrados, New Orleans, LA

Dove and Serpent Oasis, Atlanta, GA

Gnarled Oak, Nashville, TN

Sapphire Current, Memphis, TN

Richard K

Star of Babalon Encampment, Raleigh, NC