Local Body Contact Information

Local bodies chartered by U.S. Grand Lodge are required to provide public contact information -- specifically, a postal address and a website URL. Various national and international offices record and use this information; notably, it forms the basis for the local body locations page on the U.S.G.L. public website and updates the Electoral College of the changes in real time.

When a new body is chartered, or when public contact information changes, an officer of the body must send an email to bodyinfo@oto-usa.org with the following information:

Email to that address is automatically forwarded to all interested offices. Even if only one piece of information has changed, it's a good idea to include all listed items, flagging the information that has changed. This way accidentally inaccurate information can be corrected as well.

The master of each body is responsible for ensuring that up-to-date information is available. Periodic review of the body's listing in the directory linked above is highly recommended.